Weight TrainingI wrote in my blog on Financial Advice Charges that there is a real difference between price and value.

Value is something a good IFA can bring to your financial planning. One of the comparisons I made was with a fitness trainer. Now whether you use one or not I am sure you will all agree that employing the services of a trainer on a long term basis will improve your fitness, improve your flexibility and help to keep your overall body in good, healthy shape.

If you decide that you will DIY the whole fitness thing, then you are most likely to turn up to the gym now and then, when you feel like it as opposed to when you should, and then probably even then only look busy for about half an hour, drinking plenty of water, playing on a few different machines trying to avoid looking like you don’t know how they work, before you head off to the steam room or sauna for a well earned rest.

Can you see the difference between employing someone and the DIY approach? Clue: one feels like you are getting somewhere and probably is more enjoyable, but ultimately you are kidding yourself.

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