Everyone wants to know where the best place is to invest money in 2013

It is a common question I get asked when I tell people that I manage portfolios as part of the Investor Profile wealth management service.

The truth is that nobody really knows and anyone that says otherwise is either the world’s best kept secret, or just not in touch with their own reality.

The chart below tells you everything you need to know about predicting what will happen next to investment markets. The truth is that trying to predict what will happen next is based on ego and greed.

Ego tells you that you know better. You can predict the market where millions of others fail to. Greed tells you that the pay off for this sixth sense will be amazing and so feeds the ego into making those timing calls. The truth is that entering into this game, and it is a game, is exciting and is partly what drives people to try to time the markets. The excitement turns investing into part entertainment and part business. Watching price movements is akin to watching TV or a movie.

If this all sounds very familiar and you want to get away from this practice then Investor Profile can help you to build a well balanced portfolio that gets you away from the computer screen and out into your normal life a bit more.

My guess is that with an investment strategy based on market timing, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It is a game!

7IM Investment Returns Chart

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