Back of older couple

Back of older couple

Read about one of our clients who invested in a low market.

In May 2013, Investor Profile helped a married couple who had been referred to us by an existing client to simplify their Pensions. They came to us with a mixture of 8 different Pensions with 5 different providers. They were approaching their early 70’s at the time so wanted to take measured risk with their investments. However, it was also a time to consider taking some risk with markets still relatively low after the recession.

So we created a strategy that would satisfy their need to be sensible with the money and recognised that they could also take some risk because they were both still working and didn’t need the money for the foreseeable future.

The upshot of it all was that, three years on we can look at what they invested £662,865 and be very comfortable with what they have today £759,306 which represents an increase of £96,411 in those three years, with a sensible strategy.

So much of this was to do with investing in the right strategy for their needs, but also at the right time, when markets were relatively low. You can have a great strategy in place but if you’re investing when markets have gone up then it makes it so much harder to achieve returns, unless they do continue to rise. Investing in a fallen market takes the pressure off, knowing it will rise again one day and you’ll benefit from buying low.


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