Cheap financial advice, if you know what you are getting, and what you are paying, can work out to be a very smart purchase on your part.

Admittedly there can be two meanings in popular form for the word cheap. Sometimes it can refer to something not being of particular value, and other times, like now, it can mean getting something of real value, for less.

Investor Profile provides high quality financial advice but in a way that is affordable for more people. You can find out more about that here. Are we a cheap financial advisor? Does that mean we offer better value for money? I would like to think so.

Many financial advisors, if they have not already done so, are introducing higher charges to their clients through 2012 and 2013. But many clients do not particularly want to pay more for essentially the same thing. So what I have found is that clients are looking for cheaper financial advice, when in fact what they are really looking for is someone that understands what they need and is willing to charge a fair price to deliver that.

The truth is that if you are looking for cheap financial advice, what you are really looking for is something straightforward, simple and honest that fits with your needs. To me that is what high quality financial planning is all about, ironically.

My job is to help you make the best of your money and assets. Part of that is to work out ways for you to pay less for financial advice. Crazy I know but that’s how I think. I actually want you to pay less for financial advice and be impressed with the level of detail you receive back. To me that just makes good sense.

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Blog by Jaskarn Pawar

Jaskarn Pawar is an experienced and award winning Chartered and Certified Financial Planner. He advises people all over the UK on financial planning and wealth management issues to help them reach solutions to fit their personal needs. You can contact Jaskarn on 01604 211234 or by e-mail on