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Jaskarn Pawar, Independent Financial Adviser, talks about Employee Wellbeing and its benefits to the workplace.

Employee wellbeing has become an integral part of the modern workplace over the past few years. I know employers could say that they have looked after their employees since day dot but in the modern sense of the meaning, possibly not.

We live in a time where employees want their personal lives and their work lives to not be mutually exclusive. The old 9-5 routine where work is work and then you go home is slightly ‘industrial’.  As an employee in a modern workplace it should feel ok to be an adult, come and go as you please, take holiday or time off when you need it, work from home if you feel a bit rubbish, have the support of your employer on issues such as health, values and ethics, relationships, and of course personal growth.

From our perspective, an important part of this is financial wellbeing. Our finances are so much more complicated than they ever have been. 40 years ago you could join a company at 18, work there until you reach 60 and retire on a very nice Pension for the rest of your life.

You had no car finance payment, no mobile phone bills, no ridiculously expensive property prices, nobody telling you had to save for retirement and then list the multitude of ways (none of which you really understand) in which you could do it, no Sky TV, no uSwitch e-mails, no Graze Box e-mails etc. etc.

Our financial lives are more complicated now. So making sure you have no concerns around personal finances just makes sense. Being free and confident to go about your daily work, safe in the knowledge that your employer is supporting you with valuable financial advice as and when you need it, makes a lot of sense.

The great thing about financial planning advice is that it doesn’t have to be in-depth or intrusive. Just as long as you’ve got a lot of what we would consider the basics right, but what most people never get to grips with unfortunately, means you’ll be much better off financially, and much happier personally.

So a little financial advice can go a long way, even in the workplace.



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