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Honest Advice always comes first … the Investor Profile Philosophy

Jaskarn Pawar, Independent Financial Planner talks this week about his ethos and the part it Jaskarn Pawar2plays in his company … Investor Profile.

I can’t say that I always wanted to be a financial adviser but even from a young age what I did know was that there was something fundamentally wrong with people going to their bank for advice, for two reasons.

Firstly, that bank could only talk about their products, so unless that person was willing to have at least 25, 2 hour meetings with different product providers then they were unlikely to get a feel for what the market could really offer them. Secondly, bank are providers of products, not advice. When somebody is on a commission for selling something guess what they’re selling, the product.

So what I really wanted is to see people be able to talk to someone about their needs and to get advice back from a professional. Good, old fashioned advice that’s perfectly suited to the needs of the person, with no ulterior motives attached. That’s a little idealistic I know but in my mind that’s the way it should be.

So when I had the opportunity to set up Investor Profile and become an independent financial adviser myself that’s exactly what I did. The first ‘product’ I put on the shelf was advice. We sell report that purely focus on the advice a person needs. Everything else, like products come afterwards. Solid and honest advice should always come first. If there is a need for products and transactions after that then so be it, but at least by that stage you know you’re doing it with a bigger picture to work towards and not taking out products in isolation.

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Jaskarn Pawar is an experienced and award winning Chartered and Certified Financial Planner. He advises people all over the UK on financial planning and wealth management issues to help them reach solutions to fit their personal needs. You can contact Jaskarn on 01604 211234 or by e-mail on jaskarn@investorprofile.co.uk