IHT - Inheritance Tax

IHT Advice can help you make good choices with your assets

With more and more people being caught with inheritance tax payments it is as important as ever to plan against the Government taking 40% of your assets when you die.

Investor Profile can offer you inheritance tax advice, laying out all of the options available to you so that you can consider how best to plan for it. We can discuss IHT advice options that suit you personally. We know that many people find it difficult to simply gift money to their children becasue they are uncertain whether they might need it when they are older.

These are all normal thoughts and we can have an honest conversation with you about what works best for you.

IHT advice is certainly an important part of any financial planning advice process.

IHT Advice Northampton

Investor Profile offers expert IHT advice Northampton. Our financial advice process is designed to help you plan and invest in a way that is personal to your own needs and will minimise the amount of inheritance tax your beneficiaries will have to pay. We believe IHT advice should be individually tailored so that your personal goals are at the heart of the entire process. We understand that IHT advice also means that you want to keep control of your assets and not just give them away now.

IHT Advice Northampton

We are based in Northampton but provide IHT advice to individuals and families all over the UK. We do this using efficient and low cost processes that allows us to offer highly personalised IHT advice and financial planning solutions to more people.

IHT Advice

If you would like IHT advice Northampton to help you improve your own finances then please do contact us today for a free review of your investments and pensions.

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