Independent financial advice to people all over the UK via telephone and e-mail.

We specialise in investments, pensions and financial planning advice.

We pride ourselves on our unbiased and ethical processes. We offer truly independent financial advice because it is all charged at fixed fees, regardless of your level of wealth. The process we use is based on the following key stages:

Where do I want to be?

This is the most important aspect of financial advice. Its about understanding who you are, what you like and the things you want to do. Once you have better answers to these questions you can think about managing money, planning your finances and structuring your investments to make it happen. It’s not always easy answering these questions and that is something we can help you with. We have a proven formula for helping you.

Where am I now?

Understanding where you are now with your finances will give you an important base from which you can build a plan. You’ll be better placed to make good investment decisions and managing money if you know what resources are available to you. This may involve more or less work depending on your situation and future plans.

How do I get there?

This is where you start to plan and allow yourself to get excited about the possibilities of making it a reality. You can formulate a plan of how to save and invest using specific products, accounts or just good old fashioned planning. The expert knowledge and independent financial advice we provide can help make this part of the process very easy for you.

What happens next?

Now you get to implement the plan and make sure everything goes smoothly. This may involve some rejigging of your existing assets but as long as you have a set process in place managing your money should be easy for you in the future.

What about the future?

As time passes and circumstances change its always important to review what you have to ensure it is still relevant. The value of your investments, the level of your income and expenditure, your needs or goals may all change and it’s important to recognise the impact they can have on your financial planning strategy. Ensuring your situation remains on track is what good wealth management should be about.

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