Investor Profile is an independent financial adviser

We help people improve their old investment and pension plans, and to get more of a grip on their current and future finances.

Being an independent financial adviser carries far greater requirements than it ever has done. As of 1 January 2013 the Financial Services Authority (the regulator at the time of the changes coming into effect) imposed stricter guidelines for those firms that wished to continue offering genuinely independent financial planing advice.

The alternative is for firms to offer you restricted advice, where the number of providers they consider for you is restricted to a select panel, or even just one, like banks may do. However we believe that to offer genuinely suitable advice every time to the clients we look after we need to remain independent financial advisers.

Investor Profile believes being an independent financial adviser is the only way of providing high quality and personalised advice each and every time. We believe that it is the only way of ensuring we consider the entire market when searching for suitable products to fulfill your financial needs.
The advice process we undertake in all honesty has very little to do with being independent but everything to do with wanting to get to know you and your requirements. That ultimately allows us to tailor the recommendations we make more closely to what you need so that we can be sure of creating an ideal solution for you by the end of the planning process.

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