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I see many different types of investment portfolios when they first arrive at Investor Profile. You may recognise the site of an endowment, savings plan, individual company shares, Unit Trust, Stocks and Shares ISAs etc. These are all typical holdings within what I would call a ‘what was hot’ investment portfolio.

The truth is that most people simply have an accumulation of historic ‘ideas that were good at the time’ when it comes to their investments. I have never yet come across a portfolio that was genuinely invested in a modern way according to the needs of the investor themselves.

Too many people invest according to the markets, the economy, their friends, ideas in the media, popular trends etc. That’s like stepping outside the door on a Saturday morning and asking someone else where you should go. You just don’t do that. You don’t look at the road outside your house for inspiration. No, you ask yourself and your family what would make you feel good. What feels right to be doing that particular day in context with your wider lifestyle needs.

That is the way you live your life and it is no different for your investments. The only way to put together a truly personalised portfolio of investments is to look at yourself and ask yourself what would suit you. That could then include a combination of any number of underlying holdings including shares, bonds, gilts, residential or commercial property, gold, other commodities, wine, antiques, cash in the bank, whatever it takes.

There are infinite possibilities to what you can or could invest in. Ultimately my experience is that this abundance of choice confuses people into a state of inaction. Clarifying your own personal goals is the first step to creating an ideal investment portfolio for yourself. Only then will you know what your investment portfolio should look like.

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Jaskarn Pawar is an experienced and award winning Chartered and Certified Financial Planner. He advises people all over the UK on financial planning and wealth management issues to help them reach solutions to fit their personal needs. You can contact Jaskarn on 01604 211234 or by e-mail on jaskarn@investorprofile.co.uk