You will no doubt have heard, seen and read about the dramatic market movements of yesterday.

Based on a growing concern that all was not as well as it seems with the Western economic recovery, markets took a tumble yesterday when more fears over the Euro zone debt crisis took hold.

I wanted to send this special message to allay any fears there might be over market movements. Yes it is a worrying time from an economic point of view. The recession came at a time when Western economies were already coming to terms with the rising economic powers in the East, and the implications that will have.

However, for investors with a well balanced strategy these short term market movements should pose no concerns to what is essentially a long term outlook.

In fact a closer look at the markets will show that shares in China and Japan actually went up yesterday, as did the prices of bonds and gilts. So anyone with a well balanced investment portfolio should feel safe in the knowledge that their investments will counter each other, and in the long run provide steady and sustainable returns that are matched to their needs.

On a slightly different note you may have noticed that I have taken a break from writing these investment newsletters over the summer. There is a very good reason. All will be revealed in the Autumn.

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