It was Mark Cuban that said “If you don’t follow the stock market, you are missing some amazing drama.”

We have certainly seen some volatile times over the past few weeks. In fact if we take the FTSE 100 as a taster for world markets then it has moved as high as 6091 this calendar year and fallen as low as 5598.

However the most interesting fact, despite all the volatility around is that on 31 December 2010 the FTSE 100 finished the year on 5900 and at the time of writing current stands at 5942.

Hardly a roller coaster ride, more of a slow and steady increase if viewed that way, isn’t that what markets are supposed to do?

Anyone that has had their heart pumping as they log on to view their portfolio over the past few months probably needs to get a new portfolio. That’s because investing, ladies and gentleman, should be sensible, should be boring and should leave you free to enjoy your life.

If you want excitement then yes you could lose a load of money on the markets, but how much fun is that really?

I was asked by a journalist to comment on the “sell in May and go away” saying this week. Hands up if you know how to time the markets?

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