Fee Transparency Award (VouchedFor)Low Cost, Fixed Fee Financial Advice.

Advice Fees – Your initial advice will be covered by one of the following reports.

£40 – Investment Surgery

Talk to a trusted financial adviser from the comforts of your own home. Our telephone-based Investment Surgery offers easy access to unbiased and honest investment advice. You’ll receive a 30 minute consultation with a Chartered Financial Planner. Simply book an appointment online and we’ll call you back to discuss your requirements. Find out more…

£250 – Investment / Retirement Planning Report

Let us guide and help you plan for a successful financial future. We will take time to understand your requirements, assess your existing resources and make plans to use those in the most efficient way. We undertake risk profiling, assess your personal needs as an individual and then tailor make a brand new portfolio for you from scratch, including fund and provider recommendations. Find out more…

£500 – Investment / Retirement Planning Report Plus

This report builds on the basic Investment / Retirement Planning Report but adds more detail where it is needed. For example, if you have existing invetsments that need assessing, or more complicated investment requirements. Find out more…

£750 – Financial Planning Report

Knowing whether or when you can afford to retire, or how much you can afford to spend now, give away to children and grandchildren etc. is what keeps many of us awake at night. You should not need to worry about this sort of thing. We can help you formulate a plan that will allow you to find peace of mind knowing your current finances and future goals are more certain with a personalised financial plan. We will also make recommendations for any of your investments and pensions etc. Find out more…

£1,500 – Financial Planning Report Plus

This report will build on all of the factors considered and assessed within the basic Financial Planning Report but will go into more detail where needed. For example, if you have more complex needs, or a greater number of invetsments and pensions to assess. Find out more…

£2,500 – Lifetime Planning Report

Many people go through life never quite knowing what they really want to do with it. Even if you live a happy and complete life it can often be that either yourself or your partner has made compromises in the past and still has plenty left on their list of things to do. We will take time to understand you and your needs and formulate a financial plan to work around them and make them possible. Find out more…

Wealth Management Fees (Initial)

1.00% – Access, Set-up, Administration and Implementation

Once you have decided that you would like to put in place the recommendations we have made then we will get to work on doing this all for you. We will produce a further letter confirming how your recommendations will be implemented, if necessary. We will then produce all of the paperwork and applications forms, pre-complete them all for you so that all you need to do is sign and return them. We want to make the whole process easy for you and nobody likes filling in forms. Once they are back we will oversee the entire process through to completion, including the purchase of funds within your accounts, to ensure your plans are in place and you have nothing to worry about. This initial fee will provide you with access to our ongoing wealth management service.

Wealth Management Fees (Ongoing)

0.50% – Wealth Management Service

Once we have agreed on an investment plan and implemented it for you we then spend every day researching, monitoring, and managing your investment portfolio to ensure it is the best it can be. We offer ongoing access to financial advice any time you need it and to keep you updated we’ll send you a Quarterly Portfolio Report of your investments so you know exactly what’s happening. You’ll also receive online access to your accounts as well as six monthly statements in the post. Find out more…

£25pm – Personal Cashflow Planning Service

Let us work with you and use our tools to explore what personal goals you want to achieve, and how that relates to your own personal cashflow forecast over the coming months, years and decades. You will receive an initial report examining your current ‘as is’ scenario, as well as a range of alternative ‘what if’ scenarios (£250 set up report fee). You will then receive quarterly updates of your cashflow forecast including the opportunity to tweak and play around with the numbers.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge non-standard fees for non-standard work. These will of course be agreed with you before starting any work though.

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