Investor Profile delivers high quality financial advice at lower cost, fixed fee charges. How?

There are 3 main ways in which we do this:

We provide advice via telephone and e-mail. Communicating via telephone and e-mail means we can make our advice processes very simple and efficient.

We will not generally have a face-to-face meeting, unless you feel you would prefer this. This is sometimes the most expensive part of getting advice, so it is excluded from our advice process to cut your costs. Instead we use telephone and e-mail to keep in touch with you throughout the process and beyond.

We keep our advice simple and focused on you. It is all too easy to produce a 100 page report that you will never read in order to justify the fees being charged, so we don’t. Your report will be surprisingly detailed but only in the right areas, no waffle. Everything we do for you is about simplicity and quality. We will save you money where possible to keep your fees as low as they can be.

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