Jaskarn Pawar, Independent Financial Planner discusses how Investor Profile can help to consolidate your pensions and save you money …

I’m often surprised at clients when they don’t realise they are being charged for their old Pension plans. I can understand why they think that way. It’s kind of logical to think that because the plan is dormant (in their mind), it’s similarly dormant for everyone else involved too. Hell no!

A lot of Pensions we come across are simply more expensive than newer and better Pensions that are available nowadays.

What is more, if you have more than one older Pension plan then it may also be worthwhile for you to consolidate these, which will certainly make things simpler for you in the future.

Of course there are a whole bunch of important factors to take in to account. I’ve covered many of these in our pdf download for this month, which you can access here: How To Review Your Own Pension

In my view, improving the Pensions that you have can offer multiple benefits such as reducing your costs, improving your future returns, and simplifying the plans you hold.

There are so many old Pensions out there making insurance companies money for not a lot of service in return, that it just doesn’t make sense to not do something about it.

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