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Going through a divorce is quite frankly a horrible time. It’s not something anyone ever wants to go through regardless of the circumstances, and it’s even worse when you’re actually going through it. In my experience of helping clients through the divorce process it’s the uncertainty that gets to them the most.

Not knowing when it will all be sorted, what the future will look like, what the personal finances will look like, are all sources of uncertainty and stress. I’d say the lucky ones are those that can get through the process as quickly as possible. That’s the best way to handle it.

From a financial perspective we know clients feel uneasy not knowing what their personal finances will look like at the other end. Working through with them what they need in terms of income and assets can not only help them gain a bit more clarity of their future, but it can also help them in their negotiations through the divorce process.

As financial experts we can provide a calming influence throughout the process because we have the benefit of being able to see what it is you have now, what you’re likely to have in the future, and whether that will be enough for you.

Because we have none of the emotional ties, we are able to see clearly what the financial implications of the whole process are; and can advise clearly, what it all means for you. That’s quite a privileged position to be in, and one that can be of huge benefit during what is an uncertain time.


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