Our Corporate Financial Surgery Days are available to companies who are interested in supporting the financial wellbeing of their staff.

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How the Surgery Sessions Work?

Our Chartered Independent Financial Planner will visit your office(s) on a pre-arranged day to meet with your employees, one-to-one, who will book a slot in advance to discuss their financial situation.

What will employees achieve from the sessions?

Employees will be able to pre-book a half hour time slot with the Financial Planner to discuss their financial situation and how they can plan for their future.

Employees should expect to receive the following:

– Review of their current finances.
– Discussion of their goals/financial needs for the future.
– An outline plan for them to take away and action.

What benefit will your company receive from investing in Independent Financial Advice for your employees?

As a company you will be:

– Supporting your employees with financial education and personal advice.
– Retaining staff and attracting new talent.
– Bringing an additional Employer brand benefit to your workforce.
– Improving individual confidence leading to greater team morale and productivity.

What benefit will your employees receive?

– The opportunity for employees to access quality financial planning advice that they might not otherwise seek or benefit from.

– To receive independent, confidential financial advice and education that will help make a difference to their personal finances.

How often to the Financial Surgeries run?

Normally we suggest in the first year running sessions once a quarter, however this is also dependant on the size of your workforce and demand for sessions.

How much is the service?

Advice to the employee is free and usually a nominal charge is made to the company for the financial planner’s time. However for August and September ’16 we are offering a FREE half day taster session to companies interested in the Employee Financial Corporate Surgeries.


What are my next steps?

If you are interested in our Corporate Financial Surgery Days, please contact us on: 01604 211234 or me@investorprofile.co.uk

Testimonial about our Corporate Financial Surgery Sessions from:

Stephen Jones, Chief Executive, PKF Cooper Parry Wealth


“Jaskarn visits our office every quarter to meet our team members on an individual basis.  During each session he spends time discussing their financial situation and advises accordingly on how to plan their finances.

We’re extremely pleased with the advisory service that Investor Profile offers our team and feel that the high standard of advice given by Jaskarn, meets with our business objectives and benefits the wellbeing of our team.

Feedback from our team supports our decision to use an external financial planner, as team members feel more relaxed about discussing their personal finances with Investor Profile as Jaskarn does not work for PKF Cooper Parry.

We would highly recommend the Investor Profile Corporate Financial Surgery Days to other companies, who may be thinking about taking up this service in the near future.”

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