A smoother financial plan for today’s market conditions ….

Well that was unexpected. A month on from that famous day in our history and although many of the predictions have come true (economy will struggle, businesses will be affected, pound will dive, markets will be volatile, political landscape will change) what we didn’t expect was an official ‘bull market’ of consistently rising markets.

 Our clients know by now not to get too worried when markets are falling and the last 11 months have been pretty testing since the falls in August last year. But patience, as ever, has been rewarded in the form of incredible gains over the past few weeks.

 The markets are a volatile place even during the boring times, so at times like this there are going to be excessive movements one way or the other.


 To keep yourself sane there are generally two options:


 The first is to simply not look at your investments. I always think that the reason we perceive property to be more stable than shares for example is that property is not priced daily. If it was, we’d realise how volatile property valuations can be. So the fact that we just don’t value our property every day keeps us sane and reasonably uninterested. That helps.

 The second option is less of an option and more of a sensible strategy, which is to make sure your investment is well spread. Junior Murchison said “Money is like manure. If you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if you pile it up in one place it stinks like hell”. That’s very true for investing where a well balanced portfolio will position your investments for multiple benefits. Most notably is the benefit of reduced volatility. Week One in Investment Theory teaches us that if we invest in a company selling Umbrellas and a company selling T-Shirts then we’ll have one that does well when the other doesn’t. That is portfolio diversification!

 By doing this you’ll even out the highs and lows and have a much smoother path to investing success. Our strategy is a little more complicated than that but the sentiment is very much the same.

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