Manos entregando una casa

Jaskarn Pawar talks this week on the blog about how Investor Profile helped Paul and Lisa save towards their future and their personal goal of purchasing a home together.

Manos entregando una casa

Paul and Lisa wanted to save towards their future when they approached Investor Profile. They wanted to be able to buy a home in around 5 years time and wanted to save regularly towards that. They were not sure how best to go about this or what to invest in and so came to Investor Profile for help.

Current position:

Paul and Lisa both have steady careers earning £53,000 and £33,000 respectively per annum. They had saved up £2,500 in a bank account but had found it difficult to establish themselves financially.

What we worked on:

The first thing to discuss with them was that five years was a relatively short time period for investments. However Paul was keen to take some risks with the money available as he wanted to aim for a higher level of return. He felt they were in steady careers and could withstand fluctuations in the value of the investments. We discussed this at length and on the basis that they were going to be investing monthly, and so drip feeding the money into the markets, we agreed to invest as oppose to save the money.

Paul knew that he and Lisa could afford around £1,500 per month and wanted to spread this money across a range of investments that could deliver the return required. It was important to balance off their need for returns against the need for access to the money. What we agreed therefore was to include a higher element of safer investments in their portfolio than might normally be held. With the remainder we could then afford to invest slightly more in higher risk areas to achieve that overall growth they were looking for.

Having gone through the risk profiling exercise and discussed the options open to them for investing the money, we agreed on a platform that was right for their needs, one that would minimise costs but offer access to the sort of high quality funds we wanted to buy.

We then confirmed everything in a report and opened the accounts to set them on their way. The investments are made on a monthly basis just as we planned. Paul often calls and e-mails with queries he has, things he has heard about and wants an opinion on or to talk about the state of the markets. It is important for clients to be able to have access to someone they trust to answer questions whenever they arise.

Paul has since referred a family member who we are working with to put together a financial and cashflow plan for the future.

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Blog by Jaskarn Pawar

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