As we enter the holidays it’s often a time for reflecting on what’s happened over the past year and what you want to see happening over the next year.


In a way, I’m always surprised at how many conversations I have with clients about how their personal life interacts with their financial life. I tend to think there are two types of situations I generally come across, those people that have too much money, and those people that don’t have enough.

Both are problematic, for very different reasons, and both need solving in order to make best use of what you have.

So my advice as we head in to the Christmas and New Year period is to take some time to think about whether you have too much or too little money, and what you can do about it right now to address that issue.

It’s not about making New Year resolutions, because we know they don’t last. I mean what you can practically implement almost straight away, or within a month or so, that will address some of the issues you might face.

Taking action on this, I would hope, will have lasting, positive effects for you and the people around you.


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Blog by Jaskarn Pawar

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