Advice Needs:

Tom and Annie sold their business just a few years ago and invested the money they had into a portfolio. They rely on their investment portfolio for a large part of their retirement income. They already had a financial adviser in the City when they approached Investor Profile for help. Their main objective was to keep costs down.

Having spent a lifetime accumulating significant assets Tom and Annie were keen to make their investments work as hard as possible in providing them with the income they need to live the life they want to.

Current Position:

Tom and Annie had an investment portfolio worth £1.7m plus around £300,000 in cash that was tied up in National Savings & Investments Certificates, and other savings accounts. They wanted an income of around £80,000 per annum which would allow them to enjoy their retirement years. They held quite a good portfolio already that was based on a broad range of different investments designed to be suited to their needs.

What we worked on:

Tom had approached Investor Profile for an alternative assessment of their situation. We initially produced a review of their current portfolio. This, as well as their overall financial position, was analysed in context with their personal lifestyle.

We then produced an investment report that set out new recommendations for their portfolio that would allow them to invest efficiently and generate the income they needed. The key to all of this was to ensure we took no more risk with their assets than was necessary.

The result was a £15,000 saving in annual investment portfolio costs. We reduced the cost of their previous investment platform, and reduced the cost of some of their individual funds. We created a new portfolio of investments that were more in line with their needs, so lowered the risk and increased the amount of income they would earn.

The increase in investment income plus the cost savings directly improved the amount they could draw from their portfolio each and every year. The lower risk profile has also helped during the difficult market conditions through 2011 and 2012.

Tom and Annie continue to benefit from Investor Profile’s ongoing wealth management service and are very happy with the service they receive. Most importantly for us, they can enjoy their retirement knowing their financial well being is in safe hands.

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