Skandia investment portfolio financial adviser

As an independent financial adviser we choose from a number of different platforms for each individual client, depending on their needs. One of the platforms we use to manage investment portfolios is the Skandia fund supermarket platform.

Skandia offers a good combination of financial strength, range of accounts, products and funds, online functionality and access for our clients. Because of that we use Skandia to manage client portfolios for some of our clients, but not all. This entirely depends on the needs of the client.

If you would like to use Skandia as your own platform or already do, for example:

  • If you already hold investments on Skandia but would like a new adviser;
  • If you wish to move your investments to Skandia and need an adviser; or,
  • If you wish to invest new money or open new accounts on Skandia and need an adviser.

Skandia Investment Portfolio Financial Adviser

Investor Profile is an independent financial adviser and wealth manager that uses the Skandia fund supermarket to manage client assets.

We have a number of Skandia investment portfolios with a wide range of values that we look after for our wealth management clients. As a Skandia investment portfolio financial adviser (IFA) we are well versed in the workings of Skandia as a company and investment platform provider.

Skandia Financial Adviser

If you currently own a Skandia investment portfolio that you would like to move to an alternative financial adviser we would be happy to help. We can discuss your requirements and create a working relationship to suit you. Although we are a Skandia financial adviser we do also use a number of other platform so if your investments are held in various places we can certainly.

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