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Typically, wealth managers have been responsible for generating returns from investments by specialising in investing according to their own strategy.

Investor Profile’s definition of a wealth manager differs significantly from this traditional approach. A modern wealth manager should be focused on the person investing more than the money that is being invested.
That is, the money being invested should merely reflect the investor’s ideals and goals. So, for example, rather than investing the money according to what the wealth manager believes to be the right strategy, we would take time to get to know the investor and the things they are looking to achieve. In essence, trying to find out why they are investing.
Once we know that we can be more sure that any strategy we build will be in place for the right reasons. It will also ensure that volatility and risk is kept to a minimum in accordance with what each investor is comfortable with.

True wealth management is about focussing on what is really important. What really matters to people is their financial security and likelihood of achieving their goals, whether these are personal, professional or financial. Therefore if we care enough to get to know what these are then the looking after the money bit suddenly becomes really quite a bit more straightforward.

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